Dr. Don Russell, Speaker, Trainer, Psychotherapist

Dr Don Russell, Psychotherapist, Trainer, Professional Speaker

Dr. Don Russell is a professional speaker and trainer specializing in trauma and trauma treatment. He brings a style that is relatable (and often humorous) to connect with audiences as he unravels the complexity of trauma, vicarious trauma and trauma treatment. Don provides authentic, practical application, and a fresh perspective that resonates with listeners — leaving them feeling understood, inspired and empowered. Dr. Don Russell is also the author of “The Trauma Treatment Companion”, released in October 2021, a user-friendly guide to the stabilization of trauma symptoms for smooth recovery from trauma of all kinds.

Dr. Don’s New Book

Check out the brand new book from Dr. Don Russell. He makes modern neuroscience of trauma and trauma recovery easy to understand and apply to your own journey.

Trauma does not have to be the end of the story. Whether it is trauma from military service, motor vehicle accident, sudden death of a loved one, displacement due to war, political unrest, or natural disaster, trauma symptoms can highjack your thinking, emotions and your body. It can seem impossible to get back to normal life. But modern neuroscience and research on cutting-edge therapies prove that recovery is possible.

The Trauma Treatment Companion integrates interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, and cognitive behavioural therapy to create a pathway out of the wilderness of trauma symptoms. It explains why depression may not be simple depression, but a consequence of trauma. It explains why anxiety may be more effectively treated as a consequence of trauma. 

The Trauma Treatment Companion:

  • explains what is happening inside you;
  • assures you that you are not going crazy;
  • teaches you many tools and strategies that you can use safely;
  • provides links to free videos and meditations;
  • most importantly points the way out of the nightmare of trauma symptoms.

Get it on Amazon or get the ebook from our store right on this website.

Guided Imagery Meditations

Guided Imagery Meditations for Healing and Recovery

Dr. Don Russell has designed and prepared a variety of guided imagery meditations based on the cutting edge neuroscience of trauma and anxiety treatment. Check out the meditations.

Podcast Guesting

Podcast Guesting

Looking for a knowledgeable and entertaining guest interview for your podcast? Dr. Don is a great guest. He knows how to blend easy stories with the science of trauma, vicarious trauma and trauma recovery.

Dr. Don Russell has been helping people get their life back, cultivate emotional stability, and gain confidence for over 25 years. He is a certified EMDR practitioner and has advanced training in Somatic Psychotherapy, preverbal trauma treatment and complex trauma and dissociation treatment.

His 2021 book, The Trauma Treatment Companion is a great topic to delve into with engaging stories and the latest theory. The book can also be a give-away for a lucky listener. Reach out to Dr. Don to arrange an appearance

Professional Speaking

Professional Speaking

Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue

Health professionals, First Responders, Mental Health Therapists, etc. got into their profession because they care and they want to help people. It is that empathy, that if not carefully managed, contributes to Vicarious Traumatization.

Dr Don Russell is an expert on Vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. Vicarious trauma is an experience that many professionals in the health and helping professions are vulnerable to and may be very reluctant to acknowledge and address. Sadly ignoring it only delays recovery and cost the person and the organization. Read more ……

Workplace Resilience in Times of Pandemic

Workplace Resilience in Times of Pandemic

Workplace stresses are greater than ever before. The consequences of COVID-19 are impacting staff in significant ways emotionally and psychologically. Don is a professional speaker with experience bringing meaningful strategies to audiences So, now more than ever is is critical that staff be equipped with real-life tools for enhancing resilience and stress-hardiness. Read more….

Early Intervention for Acute Stress Stabilization and Preventing Traumatizaton from Stressful Events

Early Intervention for Acute Stress Stabilization and Preventing Traumatizaton from Stressful Events

“EMDR Early Intervention can be viewed as having two arms: treatment and prevention.” – EMDRIA

Recent developments in trauma treatment have lead to the development of empirically demonstrated protocols for early intervention to both stabilize a person suffering from a major event such as a natural disaster and man-made conflict, community suicide, etc. These interventions can be administered in an individual or group format. Read more

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