Dr. Don Russell, Speaker, Trainer, Psychotherapist

Dr Don Russell, Psychotherapist, Trainer, Professional Speaker

Psychotherapist Dr. Don Russell

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The Trauma Treatment Companion

Check out the new book from Dr. Don Russell. He makes modern neuroscience of trauma and trauma recovery easy to understand and apply to your own journey.


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Podcast Guesting

Dr. Don Russell is a speaker, trainer, coach and psychotherapist specializing in trauma and trauma treatment. He brings a style that is relatable (and often humorous) to connect with audiences as he unravels the complexity of trauma, vicarious trauma and trauma treatment. Don provides authentic, practical application, and a fresh perspective that resonates with listeners — leaving them feeling understood, inspired and empowered. Dr. Don Russell is also the author of “The Trauma Treatment Companion”, released in October 2021, a user-friendly guide to the stabilization of trauma symptoms for smooth recovery from trauma of all kinds. Dr. Don is an enjoyable, and entertaining speaker, trainer, coach, psychotherapist. Explore this site to find out how you can reach your best life.

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