Dr. Don Russell, Speaker, Trainer, Psychotherapist

Dr. Don Russell, Presenter, Trainer, Psychotherapist

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Dr. Don Russell brings a style that is relatable (and often humorous) to connect with audiences as he unravels the complexity of trauma, vicarious trauma and trauma treatment. Don has this ability to provide authentic, practical application, and a fresh perspective that resonates with listeners — leaving them feeling understood, inspired and empowered. Dr. Don delivers engaging workshops, seminars and professional development opportunities for organizations in the helping professions.

Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue

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“Every time we interact from a position of compassion, controlling our empathic response with clients, patients, friends, congregants, strangers or neighbors, we are putting ourselves at risk” – Vicarious Trauma Institute

Vicarious trauma is an experience that many professionals in the health and helping professions are vulnerable to and may be very reluctant to acknowledge and address. Sadly ignoring it only delays recovery and cost the person and the organization. Read more ……

Workplace Resilience

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“Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.”
― Angela Duckworth

Workplace stresses are greater than ever before. The consequences of COVID-19 are impacting staff in significant ways emotionally and psychologically. So, now more than ever is is critical that staff be equipped with real-life tools for enhancing resilience and stress-hardiness. Read more….

Early Intervention for Acute Stress Stabilization and Preventing Traumatizaton from Stressful Events

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“EMDR Early Intervention can be viewed as having two arms: treatment and prevention.” – EMDRIA

Recent developments in trauma treatment have lead to the development of empirically demonstrated protocols for early intervention to both stabilize a person suffering from a major event such as a natural disaster and man-made conflict, community suicide, etc. These interventions can be administered in an individual or group format. Read more

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