Break up with Chronic Pain Program

“Finally! Someone gets it.”

You don’t want to miss this event that can transform your life and end chronic pain and distress.

Frustrated with your chronic pain?

Frustrated with your medical doctor?

Frustrated with the medical system that can’t even explain what the cause is, let alone what to do about it?

We hear you. You have done all the doctor visits, you have taken all of the natural remedies, and maybe even had the surgeries they your doctors advised. But still you are in pain and don’t feel well.

The frustrated and disappointment turns into depressiveness and anxiety about the pain and the loss of freedom in your life.

We hear you.

You are not alone.

Chronic pain in the back is experienced by 65 million Americas and is the sixth most costly medical condition.

Chronic pain of all sorts is experience by between 11% – 40% of Americans as reported by the CDC.

Chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a host of others account for many more people’s lives being disrupted, diminished and limited.

What’s more we have helped people just like you with their pain, and medically unexplained syndromes.

You are not lazy and you aren’t unmotivated. You are not broken beyond repair.

The secret to lasting, transformational change is putting all the pieces together in the right way. That is when your best Self comes to life.

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  • You have tried to change your diet: cutting out these foods and adding those foods.
  • You have tried to exercise more, but that seems to make it worse.
  • You have tried medication, but that comes with negative side-effects.
  • You have tried to just think more positive, but that never lasts.
  • You have tried…..

You need a coach to put it all together, and add some missing pieces that are innovative, cutting-edge and fresh.

Discover the neuroscience of how chronic pain is very different from acute (ouch) pain.

Discover how chronic pain and the immune system are connected.

Discover why and how a negative mindset and poor relationship with self (chronic “not-good-enoughness”) impacts the immune system, and how to change that for good.

Discover how your brain lies to you about your pain and how to correct the lies.

Discover how to deal with limiting beliefs and behaviours, and how to achieve emotional freedom from experiencing negative emotions and therefore aid your healing process!

Discover the surprising and unusual approach to dealing with emotions that will change your pain.

Discover how unresolved trauma, chronic stress and/or anxiety contribute to chronic illness, and about some of the most effective modalities that can help you deal with trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Discover how you can use the power of your mind to positively impact your immune function and accelerate your healing. Plus, learn about the role of kindness, community, and spirituality in creating chronic wellness.

Discover how you can harness of the power and wisdom of your body to heal trauma and distress from years ago. How to use your body wisdom to be your guide to be your Best Self.

Discover the clinically-proven connection between pain and positive emotions.

Discover how you can use scientifically validated relationship principles to change your closest relationships without depending on your partner’s participation.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Dr. Don. I am the author of The Trauma Treatment Companion and I’ve been helping people create radical and sustained change in their lives and their relationships for over 25 years..

And I also you you to meet Yoga Instructor and Certified Health Coach Damaris Williamson

We are unleashing a rare event in a few weeks. For the first time ever we are putting our expertise together to deliver a Total Transformation Experience for a small number of committed individuals that are genuinely ready to create positive change in their lives.

This programs stands out as a revolutionary resource for smart, creative, people who want to change – to have more fulfilling lives and to figure out how they can be who they are meant to be. We help people just like you: through a blend of top-notch  transformational coaching and our own experience and wisdom plus the power of a committed group holding each other accountable. 

Start to feel energized and excited about life!  

Feel confident and strong!

No more waiting for the right time! The right time is now!

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How does it work?

In seven weeks you will make radical changes to your mind, body and spirit to create a new life.

Each Sunday you will receive a video in your inbox setting the stage for the week’s target area of transformation. You will get inspiration plus an assignment for the week.
Each Tuesday the small, select group meets on a 75 minute Zoom call  for live, interactive coaching on the target topic. The assignment will be fully explained and demonstrated. You will be made accountable in the private Facebook Group!
Each  Saturday the Group meets on a 75 minutes Zoom call to debrief, troubleshoot and re-empower on the target area.

What are the Target Areas?

  1. Detoxing your mind and body and soul; Clean up your Pantry, your social media, your mind, your relationships.
  2. Yoga for anyone (no experience required). 
  3. Targeted, guided meditation (no experience required)
  4. Live your best life with a calm nervous system
  5. Five scientifically-proven happiness hacks and how to use them.
  6. Five clinically-proven relationship hacks with the people that matter to you most
  7. Week 7: practice, summary of the whole experience.

What’s Included?

  • Weekly Group Coaching 
  • Weekly Challenging Assignments
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins
  • Private Facebook Group 

Sign up before December ___ and get _____

Who we are

Don and Damaris live and work in a mode of gratitude and serenity helping others achieve their highest potential.

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