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The Trauma Treatment Companion

Pick up your copy of The Trauma Treatment Companion today at a discount for visiting today.

This user-friendly guidebook walks you through what happened to you in an easy to understand way. Even more important, Dr. Don guided you about what you can do about it starting today.

Trauma symptoms can be a living nightmare every day. You never know who or what is going to trigger that flood of emotions and images. Every day is a challenge living on edge.

Do you experience:

bad dreams or nightmares about the traumatic event

reliving the traumatic event (acting as if it were happening again)

feeling emotional upset when you are reminded of the traumatic event

physical reactions when reminded of the traumatic event (sweating, increased heart rate)

avoiding activities or people that remind you of the traumatic event

not being able to remember an important part of the traumatic event

much less interest or participating much less often in important activities

feeling emotionally numb (unable to cry or have loving feelings)

trouble falling or staying asleep

feeling irritable or having fits or anger

being jumpy or easily startled

These are some of the symptoms of trauma you may be experiencing. Get the book The Trauma Treatment Companion for a much more complete list. Of course this is not a diagnosis. Seek a medical professional for a diagnosis. Also pick up this book to begin you healing journey today. That may be alongside a trained trauma therapist, or you can use the book to begin the healing journey if you don’t have access or are not ready to see a therapist.

Trauma is tough. Friends and family can try to understand, but if they have never experienced it, they just don’t get it. That can leave you feeling alone and misunderstood. That is where Dr. Don Russell and The Trauma Treatment Companion helps.

Pick up your copy of The Trauma Treatment Companion today at a discount for visiting today.


The Trauma Treatment Companion author Dr. Don Russell

Dr. Don Russell has been guiding people just like you to get their lives back from trauma of all kinds. He knows the path and has walked alongside many others to the other side where inner peace, serenity and wellbeing reigns.

The Trauma Treatment Companion captures Dr. Don gentle nature in words, examples and inspiration. You will feel you are in the therapy office with Dr. Don being equipped with the tools you need.

Still undecided? Here is what others have said about The Trauma Treatment Companion on Amazon:

This book was a brilliant, insightful, and practical read dealing with mind related matters that everyone would do well to incorporate into their lives. The author found a great balance between storytelling and scientific knowledge making the read easily accessible.


I really enjoyed this. I loved how the writer was able to incorporate real life situations as a reference. So many mental health books are hard to read and I appreciate so much that this was written in a way that a person without a PhD could understand it.

– Carol

Don’t wait to order the book and move your healing journey forward. Dr. Don brings the cutting-edge tools and techniques that are used in the therapy office and explains them and explains how you can adapt them for home use.

For the fraction of the price of one session of therapy you can have the wisdom of a leading therapist in your hands.

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