Guided Imagery Meditations for Health, Healing and Wellbeing

These guided imagery exercises and meditations have been designed and curated by psychotherapist, Dr. Don Russell to promote healing, serenity and wellbeing in your heart, mind, and soul.

As with all meditations please do not listen to these while driving or operating equipment. They are very relaxing!

Cultivating Acceptance of Our Parts is available for download here.

This beautiful and stimulating meditation can help move you toward integration of all the parts of your mind, your memory and your being. It is based on Ego State Therapy and Structural Dissociation Theory. This beautiful meditation is available as an audio download or as a video download.

Confidence in Boundaries
Confident Boundaries

This meditation is a way to build the inner strength to be able to say, ‘No” when you mean no; protect yourself from being taken advantage of, and be aware when you are taking responsibility for things that don’t belong to you. This is one of the most powerful and helpful meditations.

Lovingkindness Meditation


This beautiful meditation has been used by thousands of people to improve their overall wellbeing. It has also been clinically-proven to improve depressive symptoms, anxious symptoms and a range of other mental health benefits.

Cleansing Spiral Meditation

Circle of Love Meditation

Being Seen and Know by Jesus

Being Seen by Jesus

This beautiful and powerful meditation is Christian spirituality made practical.It  based on a biblical passage of the story of Jesus’ baptism and communicates the deep devotion and loving acceptance that exists within the trinity to the listener.

Healing pool Meditation

Healing Meditation

This powerful meditation harnesses the power of the mind to create healing, wholeness and transformation in the body, mind, and soul. It is based on a beautiful interaction recorded in the Bible between Jesus and a man who has been ill.

Emotional Freedom Technique video description is available for free here

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