Easily Attract Your Great Man

“I never imagined I could so easily attract my great man. I’ve made  SO many amazing changes in my life that I had forgotten were even possible.  I didn’t think I’d see such huge shifts.

The best part of all of it?  — I didn’t realize that fast-tracking my love life was going to help me in so many other areas of my life too."

Are you ready to  break the old dating and relationship patterns and create a new relationship better, easier and more satisfying that you ever dreamed was possible?

If you are that woman who is a business leader, managing and negotiating at work, and wondering why you have to manage and negotiate your love life, we definately need to talk!

If you are a woman successful and accomplished in your career and know that the one thing that’s missing in your life is a great relationship - you have a great job, friends + community, take care of yourself, and enjoy life

If you know you’ve been attracting the wrong types of guys that only want to use you, take advantage of a free ride, and/or aren’t interested in commitment

If you are a woman who does not that settle in your life, and you know you don't want to settle in your love-life either

If you are a single-again woman that understands your current approach to dating hasn’t created the result you want, and you’re ready for a fresh approach

If you are a smart woman that makes things happen rather than leaving things to chance .

If you are a woman that knows that her time is the most precious resource.

If you are woman that exudes confidence in her career, but knows she needs to feel the same way in her love-life.

If you are a woman that has missed the red flags in real time only to regret it afterwards.

If you are an amazing woman that  believs you can create an amazing relationship that ignites your soul, but you need guidance and support on exactly HOW to get there.

We are Dr. Don and Damaris and we are certain we can help you love your love life!

Dr Don Russell and Damaris

We transform love-lives of accomplished single-again women

We bring strategies from cutting-edge neuroscience, research-based psychology, coaching, and holistic healing arts to create change fast:

Do you want help creating....


-More opportunities to meet quality people that are on your level

-Use your relationship time more efficiently

-Tap into human psychology to connect deeper with people

-Eliminate that paralysing fear of rejection and use it as redirection

-identify in real time red flags (and green flags) and respond to them

-Attract the man that is right for you simply and easily

-Navigate vulnerable conversations with people you’re dating

-Let go of people in your life that do not add value

-Build trust and confidence in yourself and your pathway

This opportunity is not for woman that are okay with...

  • playing it safe
  • not growing as a person
  • an okay relationship with Mr. Okay, instead of a  satisfying relationship

If you are a women that is decisive in business, takes action and is ready to create positive changes in her love life. 

If you are a woman that recognises the truth that time is precious, go ahead and schedule a no cost one-on-one discovery call. Together we will design a blueprint you can use to transform your love-life.


This opportunity is only for those interested in personal growth + ready to find their great man and create a GREAT relationship.
You are done with settling.
You are done with flaky men.
You are done with sketchy results from dating apps.

Stay connected and up to date with practical tips, fun freebies, and special offers to help you manifest your dream relationship with your great man.
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