Relationship and Mental Health Coaching

relationship and mental health coaching

What can relationship and mental health coaching do for you?You may be surprised to discover. Dr. Don Russell has been getting excellent results providing psychotherapy for over two decades. Now, he is bringing the same set of skills and techniques to relationship and mental health coaching. Secure, video-based coaching is the new way of reaching your goals without having to take time away from work or family to go to the therapist’s office.

Relationship Coaching. Imagine what is possible if the best, most effective tools, techniques and strategies were applied to empower you to reach your Best Relationship. That is High Performance Coaching. Dr Don Russell can help you identify, visualize and achieve those goals that you know are possible, but requires next-level strategies. We have those strategies. We use empirically sounds tools like the Gottman Relationship Checkup, and other tools and strategies that have been clinically proven to improve the level of satisfaction in relationships.

Mental Health Coaching. Anxiety, depression, PTSD are at all-time highs as people continue to struggle for COVID-19 and the effects of restrictions. That is why coaching on these issues is so important. Dr. Don Russell offers mental health and wellness coaching globally. No matter where you are located, we can connect through secure video and guide you to get your life back from pandemic effects, or even bring you to a higher level of personal and relational effectiveness.

Dr. Don has very limited space for these relationship and mental health coaching services, so contact us right away. Check out Dr. Don’s YouTube channel and Instagram to get a taste of the value Don brings.

Also get started at your own pace with self-directed courses designed and delivered exclusively by Dr. Don. Start learning here!

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