About Dr. Don Russell

Dr. Don is driven by gratitude for life and looks for opportunities to share compassion and mercy for others.  Dr. Don Russell shares fresh perspectives and practical applications for developing more authentic relationships, characterized by vulnerability and curiosity and translating that into effectiveness in work situations.

Audiences describe Don as warm, with a good dose of humour and some quirkiness.  That combination makes it easier to understand the application of interpersonal neurobiology to relationships both at home and at work. Don’s integration of neurobiology, spirituality and psychology comes together in a seamless way so audiences can take away ideas they will ponder for days, Audiences also leave with practical strategies and tools that can use right away. Don understands that deep, authentic relationships marked by wisdom and vulnerability are essential to experiencing a healthier, more purposeful life both at home and at work.

Don’s unique insights about how the brain processes relationships and how relationship impact the brain help people to know themselves better and discover how they are either enhancing their wellbeing or unconsciously undermining their wellbeing.

“I have a passion for helping people and organizations stay vital, vibrant and effective.  I’ve learned that organizations in the health care sector suffer greatly when vicarious trauma impacts individuals who are wanting to live out their passion for helping people”.

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2 thoughts on “About Dr. Don Russell

  1. Hi Don,

    Great to see this blog – it has some great advice! I’m still single but the things you say are applicable in other relationships too. 🙂 I’m out in Calgary now, working at Ambrose University in the enrolment office.

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for the comment. You’re quite right, these are really guidelines for ‘playing well with others’ in all sorts of relationships. Glad to hear you’re at Ambrose. It seems like a good school to be involved with. And the location is beautiful! Best, Don

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